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Front Big Brake Kit 330x32mm, 6 Pistons Street Caliper, Fixing discs GOLF MK7

Front Big Brake Kit 330x32mm, 6 Pistons Street Caliper, Fixing discs GOLF MK7

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This Big Brake Kit for shortens the braking distance by the strong braking force. This kit is equipped with "Street" calipers (which is extra protected from dust by means of the dust covers) and "Fixing" brake discs with dimensions 330x32mm

Brakepads: The kit comes with "Sport" pads (for street use). For track use we recommend the "Race" pads, which are more resistant to heat.

Calipers: The performance calipers are manufactured from the highest quality solid aluminum. Despite of its lightweight construction, it provides extremely increased braking performance. In addition, the brake calipers are equipped with heavy-duty aluminum pistons combined with heat resistant seals.

Brake discs: The rotors features a two-piece design with a brake disc and a "hat". You can choose from two types of discs; drilled or grooved. Both types help to dissipate heat under the most extreme braking conditions.


Product Code VO264-F33011
Car Model GOLF MK7
PCD 5 X 112
Side Front
Pistons 6 Pistons
Caliper Street Caliper
Monoblock 1 piece (monoblock)
Brake Disc Size 330x32mm
Brake Disc Mounting Fixing
With Dust cover Yes (street caliper)
Warranty 3 year warranty
Contents 2 calipers, 2 rotors, brake pads, stainless steel brake lines, mounting hardware


  • D2 8 Piston Front Brake Kit has 330 X 32mm brake rotor and is suitable for 17 " wheels or above. 
  • All discs are designed by 2-piece disc and the materials of the bells are made by aluminum. 
  • When the components of the kit are worn, such as the brake discs or brake