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Powerflex Black Series Front Strut Top Mount PFF60-1120BLK Renault Clio 172 & 182 Sport

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Black Series - PFF60-1120 polyurethane bushings for Motorsport use


Clio 172 & 182 Sport (1998-2012)

Front Strut Top Mount


This part only fits sports models of the 172 & 182. Worn top mounts can lead to notchy steering, unusual noises, and wayward handling, whilst affecting the ride height by allowing the shock to sit slightly further up inside the suspension turret. Powerflex offer the solution.

Diagram Position: 30

Number of Bushes Supplied: 2

OEM Part Number: 6000-073-600

Fitting Instructions:
1. Remove the front strut from the car and use a suitable spring compressor to remove the tension from the top mount.
2. Remove the original rubber bush from the front strut, but retain the original hardware for refitting.
3. Clean off any dirt and corrosion from around the strut and inner wing.
4. Fit the polyurethane top mount onto the strut with the exposed washer facing down onto the strut, as shown in figure 1.
5. Refit the front strut to the car, and tension all hardware to manufacturers recommended torque settings.