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> The main role of bracing is to increase torsional rigidity, this leads to an improvement in grip, steering response, and feedback from the car, all due to the fact increasing the torsional rigidity allows the suspension to control more of the vehicle's kinematics.
The K-Brace® is the definitive product on the market today backed with data from the University of Huddersfield!


 > With the 4 fixing points and making use of a triangulation design, the K-brace® is able to produce an undoubted amount of support in comparison to that from a singular bar strut brace.


> Car manufacturers often use additional strengthening supports to the strut mountings of a standard vehicle. The K-Brace® utilises these supports, along with the K shaped design to reduce body displacement by 18% during various driving conditions.


> The K-Brace® will always be mounted so the most optimum position in your individual vehicle is achieved, while also ensuring that the usability of the car does not change. Meaning no compromise to boot space or the function of rear folding seats.


> The industrial standard powder coating we provide is second to none. With 6 base colours to choose from, you are given plenty of scope to customize your K-Brace® as you choose. We can even offer custom colours for those looking for that extra special touch.