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Theory Behind the K-Brace®

Here at BAF Motorsport we have been working with our partners at the University of Huddersfield to quantify the effect the K-Brace® has on the performance of a car under various loading conditions.

We have completed thorough design reviews with the University to analyse our design and justify why each part is as designed.

To show our customers a quantifiable value we have completed hand calculations, finite element analysis and real work experimentation. Each of these have given us data to show that the BAF Motorsport K-Brace® is able to reduce the body displacement of any vehicle by 18% while increasing the torsional rigidity by x%.

This increase means the suspension has greater control of the vehicle kinematics allowing the car to be more predictable, more responsive, and faster around a track.

Thanks to the work conducted by Jordan Brace, John Allport and Chris Binks we have been able to prove that the K-Brace® is ‘not just for show’ and gives a quantifiable increase in torsional rigidity all without any compromise to boot space and rear seat function, for less than £164.99.