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BAF Motorsport Sunstrip

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£24.99 - £24.99
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Premium Quality Gloss Black BAF Motorsport Windscreen Sun strip 

Approx Sticker Dimensions:
1400mm x 200mm
Please ensure you read all the instructions carefully when applying the sun strip we can not refund or send replacements for application error.

Installation instructions


Do not apply in extremes of temperature! Very hot or very cold days, and especially not in direct hot sunshine!!!

When you receive your sun strip it is tightly rolled, this has protected it in transit. Unwrap it and remove the labels holding it together. Loosen the roll, but DO NOT try to completely straighten it. It is normal for the very inside to be wrinkled, this is caused by the backing paper and will not affect the vinyl in anyway. Leave it overnight at room temperature loosely rolled and I will straighten out more and be more pliable.

If you believe there is a problem with the sun strip you have received let us know when it arrives. DO NOT simply throw the item away as refunds or replacements require detailed photos of the issue and may require you to return the sun strip. We cannot be responsible for problems caused by the installer, if in doubt get help from someone who has fitted one before. We advise installation be carried out by 2 people as this makes installation much easier and where possible apply in a dry, dust free environment out of direct sunlight. Do not attempt installation outdoors if it is raining.


  • Thoroughly clean the screen to remove all dirt, grit and grease using either degreaser / panel wipe or water with a drop of dish soap (do not use glass cleaner)
  • Once Clean and dry spray a thin layer of fresh soapy water (water with a drop of dish soap)
  • Remove backing paper from the sun strip and apply a thin layer of soapy water to that too!
  • Apply sun strip to screen leaving the excess at the sides and top. The soapy water will allow movement of the strip to ensure it's placed centrally
  • Squeeze out excess water and air bubbles from under the strip working front the centre outwards, the side of a credit card is a handy tool for this (one with smooth edges, if in doubt wrapping it in a microfiber cloth or even a sock should stop it scratching the vinyl).
  • Once all the water solution has been squeegeed out Pin prick any bubbles that won't go away and press flat.
  • Trim off excess vinyl with a sharp knife being careful not to cut into the window rubber!
  • When it is fitted and you are happy, we recommend leaving for 24hrs to ensure it is dry and the adhesive has bonded as if the surface still has moisture under driving will cause the strip to come away from the surface.